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Why language is always english when i remove [special:strings] ?

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Why language is always english when i remove [special:strings] in the template "ThunderChicken_of_glory-4.0.3"?

  • When i try to remove [special:strings] in order to don't show the messagebox and folder added by these script,
    but when i delete these scripts, the language can't be set to my localization language, it is always english language.
  • How can i delete these scripts and the language disappear in localization language?

Code: [Select]

{.add folder|real|template.}
{.set item|/template|hide=1|no log=1|not as download=*.}
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HFS is based on the English language, but it does not support Unicode

the section [special: strings] is intended to change the template messages that will be seen from a web browser, but some HFS interface system messages can not be translated because they are integrated into the program

for a use adapted to your language, please refer to the Chinese section

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