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Hi Everyone,
I have a GCP server and have installed HFS as I need an HTTP fileserver
My Android application needs to see the EXTERNAL IP of the server, but the HFS URL links only have the internal.
If i manually change the INTERNAL to the EXTERNAL the link does not work.

Any ideas


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it is impossible to use an external eip to connect to hfs when the server and the client are on the same local network, hfs and the router must be configured so that the http service is accessible on the internet network, it is necessary then possible to use the external ip with an android phone or tablet connected with an internet access point other than that of the local network

we can work around the problem by connecting first to an external server nearby in the world then from this access point use the external ip of its HFS

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Sort of difficult with ip address; but, really easy with URL.  If you have an open source router perform ddns updates, and port forward, then there is no problem accessing HFS the very same way (via URL) from internal or external.

Given a Tomato, DD-WRT, Gargoyle, OpenWRT, (and many other reasonably good routers), port forwarding would allow you to access HFS via external address. 

You don't want to use HFS inbuilt ddns update which can change hfs to external address so that it can't work with port forwarding! 
But, instead, HFS needs to use loopback or PC's own (ordinary) static lan address so that router port forwarding is able to work. 
Therefore if you do DDNS, then do it at the router itself.