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ASUS RT-AC3200 and HFS (port problems!)

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Just installed HFS so I can share photos via http.  Router is ASUS RT RC-3200.  I've set up FTP on port 21 before without problems (different router). 

I'm having a problem with the ASUS and opening port 80 for http.  Anyone out there have a solution? I've read ASUS have problems with the firmware.  I do have the newest firmware installed.

Running windows 7.


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it's may be your router or your networking.

basic setup to follow is here:

I think you mean Asus rt ac3200

I'd also recommend Merlin wrt firmware upgrade.

Merlin. is a add-on to the original Asus firmware adding and fixing the original code and slows original firmware upgraded from manufacturer.

or ddwrt

which looks to be "still In​. development"
Files I have snagged and share can be found on my google drive: