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I am trying to mount an HFS+ partition of an external USB hard drive as a shared volume. I am able to mount the disk like this:
DiskStation> mkdir /volumeUSB1/usbshare1-2 DiskStation> mount -t hfsplus /dev/sdq2 /volumeUSB1/usbshare1-2/ I am then able to read and write to the disk:
DiskStation> touch /volumeUSB1/usbshare1-2/test1 DiskStation> touch /volumeUSB1/usbshare1-2/test2 DiskStation> ls /volumeUSB1/usbshare1-2/ test1 test2 The partition is recognized by the NAS:

But it is not showing up as a shared folder:

Is there an additional step to get it to show up as a shared folder?

My goal is for Carbon Copy Cloner to be able to make a clone of my drive onto this disk over the network. If I were to format as EXT3 instead, Carbon Copy Cloner is unable to copy the system files. So, it's gotta be HFS+. The question is whether I can do it through the NAS. Since I am able to mount the drive and read/write to it no problem, I would suspect that it's a minor step that is missing to be able to mount it as a shared disk.

Thanks for any help!

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