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Disable the tar archive during download in HFS 2.3a

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Hi All,

I m a new HFS user. I need to download a lot of files or the whole folder at once from my home that run a HFS but the remote client PC I would use may not have the WINRAR or WINZIP for decompressing the tar file. As such, it is possible to deactivate the tar archive in the HFS so that I can still invoke download  a lot of files / whole folder right away without resorted to decompression.

Your swift response is much appreciated. ;D

Best regards,

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sounds link you need a portable app, try portable 7zip, it free, opensource and supports tar, rar and other zip formats...

I acutal use a script that has 3 files that can use comand line comands with 7zip to extract, archive etc....
Files i try to keep and share can be found on my google drive:

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