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unable to stream movie files with 250

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i've asked some friends and some are able to stream which confuses me,

and i'm one of them, as reported you in email.
it depends on the client software, at some extent.

anyway, from what i got, you are meaning to "stream" the videos by simply providing the files via http.
i wonder if this method could be consider a compatible method, since most servers rely on additional layers to provide videos, and that's a flash player most of times.
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yes, it old.. the issues is that HFS needs to have the mime type defined for the file extension, and the option "open directly in browser" enabled... once that is done, a video/music file may load and say can't play due to x and x codec... that is due to the codec issue... for more info on setting this up see here:
Files i try to keep and share can be found on my google drive: