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Access error when you login with your accout in IE!

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I get a problem with HFS, that is when I login with a valid account in IE. I cant access the files or folders in the authorized folder. Then it works well in Firefox. Even I always use the Firefox, but some of my friends use the IE.
Finally, thanks the author create this useful and wonderful program. Sorry about my poor english.

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It could be related to the security settings of your IE. Check if the security setting is not set at its maximum (Don't know for sure how IE handles HTML authentication if the security setting is set to maximum)

Is the problem limited to your own pc or are your friends not able to login using IE aswell?

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Can you please post screenshots for rejetto and state which IE does this. As Giant Eagle said it might just be a security setting.


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I am so sorry! I find that is my problem.   XD
I ignore the "Include password in pages" option warning.

And the another problem is still a bug. That is the "realm string"  is not show corrently with localize character set in Firefox.

Thank you for your replies. ;D