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I lost my password =(

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I'm lost my icq password and email ... can i restore my password in &RQ ? maybe it's save my password in file or something else ? i save pass now and login in automatic when &RQ starts  ... but if i reinstall &RQ he ask me password again =(((
Sorry 4 bad eng ... 


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im not lazy i cant find this ****in releaver ... on icqz 404 error ... i try about 5 releavers ... icq releavers not work on it. spotaudit cant find 2.2 version , just 3.4.5 and it not work free and no crack in internet in that version ... other releavers on IE , Outlook etc  =(((

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if that programs don't show you the password, maybe the password is not there anymore, and it is actually lost.

i will attach you the one i used once.

[attachment deleted by admin]
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Many many many thanks bro. It's workin  :D Im happy now ;D
thanks and gl.