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Problem with hfs!

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some problem...
all this time i used 2.3 beta version... - working fine..
but today i cant connect to my server with my 1 domain (with other domain all ok...)

with 2.2 version is ok.. bicause my 2 domains working fine... but why 2.3beta NOW have problem?

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To see if the problem is recursive, to try the previous versions of hfs by deactivating the update not to be annoyed, and summits the point to know from which version you have this problem, the version 2.2 and 2.3 are too different to be compared

Make we a factual report of your observations  ;)

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mars meant: try running version 2.2 now, and report if it's working fine.
doesn't matter if 2.2 worked in the past, we want to know if it does now.