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Italiano / Re: Barra comandi sulla sinistra apparsa
« Last post by amorosik on May 12, 2022, 06:17:34 AM »
Ok, grazie, aggiornero' prima possibile
Nel frattempo, per chi cercasse risposta allo stesso mio quesito, dal template html usato basta eliminare   la riga  {.$box panel.}   dalla sezione  'body'
Sinceri complimenti per Hfs e' un programma eccellente
Italiano / Re: Barra comandi sulla sinistra apparsa
« Last post by rejetto on May 11, 2022, 07:46:48 PM »
ciao, intanto ti consiglio di usare una versione più aggiornata. C'è la 2.3m
Usare versioni non aggiornate ti mette a rischio.

Non c'è un'opzione "da cliccare" per togliere i riquadri a sinistra. Quello che vedi è il template di base, se non ti piace puoi installarne un altro, oppure se conosci l'html puoi pensare di modificarlo tu stesso.

Se prima per te era diverso vuol dire o che usavi un'altra versione o un altro template.
Italiano / Barra comandi sulla sinistra apparsa
« Last post by amorosik on May 11, 2022, 04:30:16 PM »
Sto usando Hfs versione 2.3.F
Quando vado ad interrogare Hfs usando un browser, da qualche settimana a questa parte mi appare sulla sinistra una sezione con diversi paragrafi
Questi sono i paragrafi  che vengono viasualizzati:  User, Folder, Search, Select, Actions, Server Information
E sulla destra tante righe quante sono le directory/files visualizzate dal file system indicato ad Hfs
Vorrei riportare la visualizzazione a com'era prima che apparisse questa barra di comandi sula sinistra
Come fare?

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: allowed to write a file on my http file server
« Last post by atomose on May 07, 2022, 04:24:54 PM »
i would like to have a server like this (simple to use), if possible free^^,  where i can put a file and share the file's link.

People with this link can edit the txt file sans save it  on my server.

EDIT : work fine for old version (2.4B7) with allow option add. But dont work with new version (3.21) i dont know where is the option "allow upload" ....
HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: allowed to write a file on my http file server
« Last post by rejetto on May 07, 2022, 01:27:12 PM »
hi, what you want to do is not currently offered by HFS, sorry.
You probably need a different software.
HFS ~ HTTP File Server / allowed to write a file on my http file server
« Last post by atomose on May 07, 2022, 10:12:22 AM »

im new and really bad into server awareness.

I have my http file (simple .txt file) on my computer. I want that other people can write on the txt file and save it as the "new version" but i really dont understand how can i make it .... they can easily read it, with ip adresse, but how can they write on it ?

im coding in Libertybasic langage. Pls dont forget that im not a professional ^^
thx :)
Right, one can make several domain names point to the same address but just differ the port.

The drawbacks are a) need to share the port along with address, b) maybe extra work to manage HFS instances & all VFS files

btw HFS url config make no use at how the server works -- it is used only for URL building :)
Right. And also the provider's restrictions matter. My provider has a limited number of open user ports.
👍 Thumbs up for such a patient and devoted programmer ! The vHost plugin is an awesome feature.
One thing that bother me and maybe related to that amnesia : to close HFS, there's no "close" button or feature. So I close the CLI (I even try CTRL+C sometimes in it, to cleanly close the program). Is it the way to close it ?

this isn't a part where i put much attention yet, but apparently the good way of closing it is CTRL+C. This isn't ideal of course, on Windows at least.
I say rare because most stuff is done within 1-2 seconds, so that's for sure not the cause of your problems.
Next version will detect also closing of the window, to ensure final procedures are done

How do it save things ? I always push "SAVE" putton in the admin panels.

and that's enough

Solution : add a button with "OK" text.

will do, but i already opted for "auto-dismissing" notification on a couple of cases. In vext version.

No : I refer to right-click -> launch as administrator (or make a shortcut, go in its properties, advanced, and check the bock "always launch as admin").

i guess it's basically the same thing, presented differently.
I don't run it that way, and still I get the net-drives.
Some programs, when not run "as admin", will present a dialog for admin permissions, you surely know, and that's basically UAC.
I also get no UAC dialog.

Btw I have disabled UAC competly (this is a nightmare and I'm not the only one th think it).

i'm no expert with this kind of stuff in Windows, but since win10 i didn't have to disable anything, and the annoying UAC interactions introduced with Vista (i think) are simply not there.
Since my account is part of "adminitrators" I'm not sure what triggers the UAC dialog for some softwares, if it's just bumping into a priviledged instruction or an explicit declaration of the exe file at its start. Fact is, some programs present this dialog "later", but I cannot exclude it's because they are launching another program, behind the scenes.

I'm happy to see you managed to solve your problem.
Anyway, I think it has something to do with the "working directory". When you create a shortcut you have a "start in" field, that's basically it. HFS will save files there. You can confirm where it is working when the CLI opens, there's a line starting with "cwd".
Oh, woops, that's really really weird : I've relaunched HFS with the same shortcut, and now it remember things (in the meantime, I've gone in the folder of HFS to check any config file and I gound the "config.yaml" and saw my settings in it). I'm gonna reboot to see if it's related to the short period of time after a reboot where all the environment isn't fully loaded. I'll edit this post to give the answer.

Edit : yeah, it seems that placing a shortcut of HFS in my "Startup" folder leads to HFS running erratically and not launching properly. After two reboots, it launched access.log and error.log but HFS.exe is not found in procresses list (last time when I post my previous message, it has launched but with amnesia). If I launch it manually with the aforementioned shortcut, it launches correctly.

Similar problems :

Edit : this is an issue related to Windows operating system. Feel free to ignore it  ;)