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ERROR: Can't Share File from a Computer connected via Shared Internet Connection

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I have 3 computers at home:
ComputerA and ComputerB are connected via an ADSL Modem with USB & RJ45 connectors.
ComputerC is connected to ComputerA's LAN Card.

PROBLEM: While using HFS on ComputerC, ComputerA can access but not ComputerB. Why? I've tried changing ports but no cigar.


ComputerA: I can see ComputerC's HFS
Type: Desktop
OS: Windows XP
RJ45 IP: (Set by ICS to ComputerC)

ComputerB: I want to see ComputerC's HFS
Type: Desktop
OS: Windows 7
RJ45 IP:

ComputerC: Running HFS
Type: Laptop
OS: Windows 7
RJ45 IP: (Set via ICS from ComputerA)

Please advice.

Ping is ok in all three. Windows's File sharing even works, but not HFS.
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A is over 2 different networks
C is on a single network, that's different from the one of B.

possible solution is for A to bridge the 2 networks.
On Windows should be enough to select both networks, right click, "bridge".

Anyway, hfs itself can do nothing to help you, it's not a bug, it's a problem in your LAN.