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HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: HFS including SSl tools
« on: January 15, 2024, 10:55:10 AM »
For those who still prefers this flavor, any idea how to update the stunnel?

See picture

( i have just found this when i was going to edit the "created" accounts )

It seems if you go to properties on a folder
"permissions" tab
then go to "manage accounts"

The windows that appears is all out of wack

I am able to do what i intended via the "new account option previous before entering the "manage account windows"

It may be a possible bug right now.

I have attached the picture with the error on hfs 2.3a1 build 289

and what it should look like from orginal hfs 2.3 build 289

thought i would post this to let you know.
Looks fine on mine.

instead of fixing the link, if you chose to do so, go here to download the patched version:

copy the 2 dll files and the openssl.exe file to the place where openssl is located and tada, you are no longer vulnerable...

silentplz this version of openssl doe not include fips mode thoses using fips mode with hfs will have to recreate you ssl certificates with the fips check box unchecked!

Running this version and fixed with the download link above!

This doesn't work. Those files get overwritten every time you run hfs. And making them read-only crashes stunnel. We'll just have to wait until SilentPliz releases a patched version.


I am sorry for bumping in to a very old thread but has anyone got away with a solution for this?

In my case, the Download Manager seems to work just fine picking up the https from the browser of an Archive and Recursive folder, but not when I add a username and password to access it. I simply get the "Unallowed,  There is no file you are allowed to download !" message.

I have already tried enabling/disabling the "include password in pages" option so I don't think this is the case. Also, trying out other options like "Unreadable Passwords in URL" and "URL starting with https instead of http" does not seem to help.

I would really appreciate any help on the matter.


Thanks for the update! Btw, Save Option under Manage the virtual file System is not english.

Programmers corner / HFS: Android App (File manager/explorer)
« on: February 02, 2013, 07:03:31 AM »

I've used Tonido but not impressed. It would be nice to see something similar for HFS.
Or perhaps a template that works with the Android app called ES File Explorer.

HTML & templates / Request Template: Windows Explorer Classic style
« on: November 24, 2012, 12:04:41 PM »
Hi guys!

I'm currently using HFS Clean Template and so far I like it because it is super light. After a while an idea just hit me. Why not create a Windows Explorer Classic style template complete with the toolbars? But we'll ok maybe with the option to hide/show tree navigation pane. I like just the way HFS Clean show the files in detailed view. My only problem with it is perhaps it lacks the ability to cut, copy, paste, delete, search options which I think other templates can do. Anyhow, other than that I think this clean template is just awesome! More power to you guys!

Hi Mick Mickle!

I can not give you a complete answer immediately, you should first to test (in SSL mode) the last official hfs beta to confirm whether the problem is the same or not.

- Save your current options in a file (Main menu> Save Options> To file).

- Keep a copy of your hfs.ini in a safe place.
- Starts the latest beta version (HFS 2.3 #282) instead of my version (using the same hfs.ini file).

Did some tests and let me know...

Omg! Thank you! This is brilliant! Although, I'm not quite sure if redirection after login works or if I set it up correctly. Thank you! Now all I need is to make this run as a service. I think I'm gonna stick with ledufe's way.

It would be nice if we could set it to accept https connection only though. And discard http or redirect it to https.

Edit: After some reading in the forum, I can conclude redirection after login if not by clicking login does not work.

Oh well, I am more than happy for now.

Best regards to you all! ^_^

Could someone please re upload his file. Link does not seem to work anymore. I am using hfs as my video server to stream videos over to my Samsung galaxy note device but often times android app player freezes so I am interested to know how to play the video contents using this jw media player instead. I have already tried the rawr live design template but have playback issues and the other one which uses vlc/divx but my phone browser does not seem to support those plugins yet so I am hoping this flash player would do the trick. Thank you in advance! I would really appreciate it.

PS i am very new to all of this by the way so I hope I really I will manage to follow his instruction above afterwards.  8)

I have 3 computers at home:
ComputerA and ComputerB are connected via an ADSL Modem with USB & RJ45 connectors.
ComputerC is connected to ComputerA's LAN Card.

PROBLEM: While using HFS on ComputerC, ComputerA can access but not ComputerB. Why? I've tried changing ports but no cigar.


ComputerA: I can see ComputerC's HFS
Type: Desktop
OS: Windows XP
RJ45 IP: (Set by ICS to ComputerC)

ComputerB: I want to see ComputerC's HFS
Type: Desktop
OS: Windows 7
RJ45 IP:

ComputerC: Running HFS
Type: Laptop
OS: Windows 7
RJ45 IP: (Set via ICS from ComputerA)

Please advice.

Ping is ok in all three. Windows's File sharing even works, but not HFS.

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