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HFS / Router Question

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Hello i got a stupid question:

Im running HFS 2.2f #155 .  I got a port for it and when im going at 'Self Test' it says that working fine.
The thing is that when i open my IP address or a Host that im using from FreeDNS it redirects me the router login page.
How can i edit this ?

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it looks like you are using the same port for hfs as the router login page you router is either a linksys or netgear to the sounds of it. the issue you are experience is that the router from you external ip which is what you freedns is directing to is connecting to the router as  the router has been set up to be configured from the external ip, port forawrding to another port or diable remote rouoter configurations. More detail may be need to help you in this issue as 1 i don't know the router you have which may be different, 2 i don't know what your have your prts as, by default linksys and netgear use port 8080 and some times port 80 for there remoter/external ip configuration...

also, due to thte ttl and other values, using HFS serve test port can and sometimes will fail, as long as you have set you dns name to the router/hfs and have hfs set to the port you want with the port forwared to the router, you should be able to acess you hfs form you external ip adress

need to know you external ip adress, it is:
Files i try to keep and share can be found on my google drive:

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this is normal behavior, although it's annoying.
most modem/routers act this way.
you could solve it but it's complicated, so my suggestion is to just use a different address when you are INSIDE your network, and the freedns only when you are over the internet.

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Rejetto - I understood the question another way - maybe you are right, but how I understood it was that his router is enabled for remote login - to login to the router's admin screens remotely, and the router is configured to use the same port as HFS is set up to use.  Again maybe I misunderstood.

I think what you are referring to is NAT Loopback or Source-NAT (SNAT).  I just posted some info for network newbies which refers to this.

I know this post is late.  Better late than even later!!!!