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router & port problems / Re: Routers & ports firewalls - Oh, my!
« on: June 27, 2015, 04:50:17 PM »
I'm back to the file transfer grind stone once again.
Since some have been following this issue, I've tracked down some other information that gives a clearer picture of Windows 7 rwin and heuristics  issues along with firefox browser issues.
The following tests will verify if you have an issue with http & or file transfer speed.
A quick test to see if you are running into the problem: Open one browser window and download a large file (test file) from a known fast location. Note this result as 'speed1'. Now open two browser windows and start the same download at the same time in each browser Window. Note this result as 'speed2'. If 'speed2' is faster than 2 × 'speed1', then then your computer may have this problem.

That would explain 2 downloads or uploads being much, much faster than 1 individual download or upload. 
ie. I can upload or download 2 files at the same time @ faster speeds than I can a single file.  It seems windows 7 (or something) is only throttling each individual file and not sum of many files at the same time. The idea of 2 files uploading or downloading at faster individual speeds than 1 file boggles my mind.
Yes, I have this problem.

The next issue is the FireFox browser.
There are 2 locations I've found that deal with a firefox browser issue.
The first:
Increasing the speed of firefox browser:
The second:

It would seem that the second site above makes smaller changes to fiirefox.  I've tried both and they seem to be equal in increasing browsing speed. The results have been more than double but I've not put it all together yet to see the effect on ftp or http file transfer.

Unfortunately I can only work on this when I have ample time. (not at the moment)
Thanks for the browser tip j7n, if nothing else firefox is now ludicrous speed.

router & port problems / Re: Routers & ports firewalls - Oh, my!
« on: June 12, 2015, 01:02:42 PM »
You had mentioned a possible web browser limitation.......... hmmmmm....... network http pipelining...
Could Firefox be "another bottleneck" in http transfer performance? The plot thickens.
I use Firefox and it would seem that there may be a possibility to speed it up by 40%.  Is this an http issue, tuning or just snake oil. I'll need to look into it. Thanks you for the browser link, I didn't even consider that could be an issue.

I still feel like I'm circling the real issue and need to check out the router more carefully, maybe replacing it. If it's hardware, no tweak will fix it :(

The simplicity of HSF, requiring no extra software to install or download for clients is currently the optimal solution. We both know that TCP is high overhead  but other proprietary UDP ultra fast solutions are just too costly & too much trouble for the masses at this moment.
Thank you rejetto for HFS :)
will get back to this in a few days....

router & port problems / Re: Routers & ports firewalls - Oh, my!
« on: June 10, 2015, 02:26:26 PM »
Thanks j7n

Results on this end:
6-10-15 @ 9:40 am EST

Download via your hfs server link = .5 MB/s

Download via your ftp to my ftp = 1.6 MB/s

I don't know where your server is but I'm located in central New Jersey on the coast.
My ping to Stockholm is between 95 & 135. Download is 60MB/s and upload is 3MB/s via ookla speed test.

hmmm, I could understand Sweden throttling download but not upload......  as I've said, I believe it's something with my windows 7 or my fios router.
I've also used a linux boot disk with services, same issue.
I have an xp server I'll give it a try when I get time.

I've looked at the Dynamic send buffer disable (good call!) but I've reverted to windows 7 stock installation settings for now until I can get back to testing.

router & port problems / Re: Routers & ports firewalls - Oh, my!
« on: June 09, 2015, 04:20:42 PM »
Thanks J7n

It would seem that the issue is within my machine and or router.
I have not had time to research further (just too busy) but your comment and info is helpful.

I did notice a change when increasing the send value. Speeds increased from 180kbs to 500kbs in both FTP and http transfers.

The location of this setting is as follows:

Change DefaultSendWindow value to what's needed.
If it's not there make a new D word name it DefaultSendWindow
put the number in.

I had changed the default from 261360 to 1045440.
A substantial change & an increase in transfer rate BUT obviously my upload-download speeds in both FTP and HFS should be in the 40 to 50 Mbs range rather than 500kbs on my service. My service is also not throttling as I've tested it.

I've tried local servers, checked hops and other defeating situations. No issues.
I've had others clock their up-downs with the same services and theirs are much much faster. It's an issue on my end that needs to be found.

Thanks again

router & port problems / Re: Routers & ports firewalls - Oh, my!
« on: May 11, 2015, 01:54:14 PM »
Very frustrating.
Tweaked win 7 pro.
Same result on hfs and a like result with ftp which makes me believe it's not an hfs issue.

There's something very wrong here but I just can't put my finger on it yet.
I'll get back to this again when I have more time.

Thanks for the help.

router & port problems / Re: Routers & ports firewalls - Oh, my!
« on: May 02, 2015, 02:58:43 PM »
1. did you already look if you have something enabled in Menu > limits ?
2. did you then test ftp speed?

No limits set in menu.
No "FTP" transfer test, http transfer tests have been shown in this thread.

I'll detail and take pictures of "FTP" speeds and "http transfer speeds" along with differences each windows setting makes when I get time to focus on this issue only.
Like you, my time is also limited.

Thank you for your software work.

router & port problems / Re: Routers & ports firewalls - Oh, my!
« on: April 29, 2015, 04:55:49 PM »
The restore point is a given. A boot disk and acronis full system backup is a necessity ;)

On the microsoft link with the MVP, the poster never replied "if it worked OR iif it didn't".  The simplicity of this answer sums it up...
"It is amazing how the "Support Engineers" can't answer a smiple question: Can you manually set the RWIN or TCP Window Size on Vista 64? If so, how?"

As far as qos goes, I see by selecting "0" it will increase bandwidth by up to 20%.
Lets see..... 230 + 20% = 276 >>>>> That's NOT 630 although I'll implement that also if it doesn't impede the Optimizer settings implied.

Thank you for the input! 

After seeing your last post:
I saw that also and it was the direction I was about to take :)
Thanks again!

router & port problems / Re: Routers & ports firewalls - Oh, my!
« on: April 29, 2015, 01:52:07 PM »
Some of the links you posted are for earlier Windows operating systems that do not have automatically capped RWIN scaling. 

I must caution those who are following the same rabbit trail as I have here.
The information being discussed here pertains to Vista & Win 7 (32/64) and possibly newer Windows os versions. 
You must look carefully to see which operating system any link or reference here may be discussing!

"Why is it that if I have 3 simultaneous connections from 3 different clients I'm able to see 3 times the upload speed in the hfs window as I would see with just 1 individual upload"  :o
To be more specific:   
It would then seem that either there is a cap on each individual client IP download from the hfs server OR the server window is not accurately showing the speed.   ie. 1 client downloads @ 230 while  3 simultaneous clients download @ 230 each. The total 3 client simultaneous download speed being 690.
Why is a single client unable to download from the server @ 690?
I'll try to do some more detailed testing in the next week and get back to this post.


router & port problems / Re: Routers & ports firewalls - Oh, my!
« on: April 28, 2015, 11:17:26 AM »
Getting a little more detailed it would seem that the rwin value is automatically adjusted in windows 7. (not that it works)
That presents a serious problem to the hfs server. (in the case of vista & win 7) It limits uploading speed of your hsf server no matter how fast a broadband speed you have OR how fast the clients connection to the hsf server is.

Which now has me wondering about FTP and what the fix would be in win7 or vista since it's an OS limitation.

The rwin is limited to 65535.
The rwin should be about 1045440.

As you can see, win 7 & vista have automatic throttling and a max rwin size of 65535 which limits the servers functionality.
There are "go around's" but not for the common user as they're very technical & tedious.

The information is here if anyone cares to look but I would caution you about the optimizer. If you read "carefully" you'll see that the optimizer when set to "optimal" will adjust some settings contradictory to the statements made by the writer. If you dare, you'll need to "manually" choose all the settings for proper functionality.

Microsoft is aware of the issue and has made some patch's for 2008 Server, Vista and provided information for Win 7. None of these provide the fix for to the issue. From what I can find, speedguide's Optimizer is the only real option.  See the links.

Seems the corp techs are struggling with this also >

I'm a little surprised someone has not mentioned this here as it has a direct effect on hsf and it's functionality.
Did I miss this somewhere?



router & port problems / Re: Routers & ports firewalls - Oh, my!
« on: April 21, 2015, 09:41:19 PM »
It would seem that I will be able to allow an individual static address DMZ even though it's on the lan.
I understand your subnet insinuation also but from what I've read there shouldn't be any issue.

We'll see..........

router & port problems / Re: Routers & ports firewalls - Oh, my!
« on: April 20, 2015, 07:09:34 PM »
I'm thinking I'll give filezilla a shot after I try Bmartino1's suggestion to DMZ the server.

Didn't even cross my mind to DMZ the server ip.  :o  That should eliminate any routing issues.
The nic is a gigabit but set to 100 because of the router The router is 10-100.
Everything is on cat5e. It hasn't been tested @ 1000. From what I understand, it should handle it.
More than half the lan is on a switch (dynamic), while the server(s) and a few other work horses are static. Some of the machines have 10-100 nic's and a few have gigabit nic's. The work horses of course.

I was about to call and update to a gigabit router BUT than I stumbled across 46 pages of............
Maybe I'll wait a while for gigabit (scans over 46 pages) and just see what I can do with what I have that at least somewhat works. 

Thanks for the tips, I'll give them a try and post with results.

router & port problems / Re: Routers & ports firewalls - Oh, my!
« on: April 17, 2015, 03:04:19 PM »
How about using some "Download Accelerator"? (like the good old "FlashGet", or if you are using Firefox, using the open source extension "DownThemAll!"). After seeing your screenshots, I think that should solve your problem. Just give it a try, and post here the results...

Code: [Select]
Good luck... ;)

I've never tried to see if I have a problem downloading from an hfs server from my end.
The issue seems to lie with others downloading from my hfs server from what I can see.

Now if your saying that the  "Download Accelerators" you mentioned would help others to speed their downloads from my hfs server you could be right BUT I have no control over their machines and they would need to install an "accelerator".
That idea also defeats the purpose of using hfs at all. If that were the case, I would just set up an FTP server and have them download a client instead.

If your saying that a "Download Accelerator" will speed up the downloads from my hfs server to those connecting to it, I'll gladly try it ;)

Can you be a little more specific?

router & port problems / Re: Routers & ports firewalls - Oh, my!
« on: April 16, 2015, 03:58:56 PM »
huh... well, i'm just about stumped, are you at least able to connect to the server as it is?
everything you've posted, and the settings are correct...

*at this point, is HFS up and runing where you can connect to it?
I only put it up as needed

SO, are you still experiencing a speed issue, but able to connect?

how big is the file you are serving?
i see in a previous pic that it is an cd rom ISO image.
Most are 600mb + zips BUT even smaller files have the same speed issue.

it might be a HFS issue with serving large files...
I don't think so otherwise the smaller files would be faster
in PHP here are possible solutions...
HFS doesn't native-ly support php, but can marco template (such as FHFS)to launch it

*I would have you look into this website to double check windows GPO settings:

I'll look at the links you mentioned for the illusive solution  ???

router & port problems / Re: Routers & ports firewalls - Oh, my!
« on: April 15, 2015, 02:23:16 AM »
Quote > When you first launch HFS, a firewall message should appear asking the program for firewall permission...
I believe you are on a public network, so the program needs public and private traffic...

looks like private - public
Open firewall in and out with exceptions see pic

Quote > ?? lan addy... is hfs set to receive traffic form all ips ie:
No, only static lan hfs machine address

Quote > and is  your router port forward re setup to the correct port for HFS?
Port 80

Like I said, I'm missing something but can't put my finger on it.

*I have found something interesting. Since I've updated to v2.3e and am able to allow multiple file downloads at once,
the combined client download of 3 files at once is much more than 3 times faster than a single file download. 700-800 combined for 3 files at once from 3 separate wan addresses.  o0

router & port problems / Re: Routers & ports firewalls - Oh, my!
« on: April 13, 2015, 01:34:01 PM »
Updated to 2.3e
No throttling issue.
See speed test pic also.

Exception for hfs in firewall.
Wan test from outside reports port not open to lan addy,  when hfs starts it reports port open.

Your links refer is to IIS. Is this necessary for hfs to operate at high speed?


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