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HFS Black - The Black HFS Template!

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if u click the link for the text file   it shows up as an unrecognizable jumble on internet explorer.    i got it by  right-click and 'save target as...'


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Quote from: "Anonymous"
uhm`... could some one post another link cuz` it`s not working  :cry:

Code: [Select]

for uploading "it's free"


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Hi. New To HFS Using 2.0 beta 21. Great wrok! :D
Right Now Im Using your Template it the best:D
I changed the colors in your Template But I want to Add the HITS
and i tried puting it in dont work im new to HTML

Take A Look At the Color Changes


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Quote from: "ThEHawk"
Sorry for Double Post Wrong PIC
is it available for DL ?

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Quote from: "Mr. Anon"

What's New:
1. W3 HTML 4.01 Standard
2. Eliminated Javascipts :roll:
3. More Browser-Friendly
4. Some Cosmetic Changes
5. Updated to Suit Newer HFS Betas (2.0)
u can right-click and 'save target as..' - rename it .tpl from .txt extension
fastuploads is offline and rapidshare u have 2 choose 'free download' way at the end of the page somewhere