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For now I have stopped the http.sys service. By editing the windows registry.
changed value os start to 4 <reboot>

This is not an ideal workaround. The http service is stopped, so now you can't run IIS.
I wasn't planning on using Internet Information Server, so it's good enough for me.
Now i can switch hfs to use port 80  :)

Something went wrong with the .vfs database (sort of unexpected shutdown). Installed hfs again, installed files realfolder etc. and it's working.
The only thing it still won't start at tcp port 80.
But as i said before, that's a windows issue. There are a lots of pages on how to deal with that problem. I still have to work it out.

Allright, I got Wftpservices stopped. Port 80 is free now.
But now i got another problem.

HFS is now running with port 80. When i click open in browser, i see the HFS homepage.

The pc where HFS is running on ( is reachable bij ping command.
In fact windows defender firewall on the HFS pc is disabled.
But when i type  i get error 404 the requested resource is not found   :-\

typing netstat -o -n -a|findstr 0.0:80 gives me :

TCP 0.0.0:80    LISTENING  2504.

When i check the PID in taskmanager it turns out it is my FTP server (Wing FTP server) is allready using that port.

Hello Danny. thanks for your reply, but your suggestion did not do the trick.
 In windows powershell:
netsh http add iplisten ipaddress=

But still hfs sees a blocked port 80. This is a windows problem and I will start my question on a Microsoft Technet forum.

Hello all.

First of all, i'm a big fan of HFS. I've installed it on my home laptop, and works fine(windows 10 Pro-64 bit).
I've also installed hfs on a Windows server 2016 essentials. No problem here.

I also have a Windows server 2019 essentials, and this is where the problem is. So at this point i'm not quite sure wheter it is a HFS problem or a Microsoft problem.
The windows server is NOT a domain controller.

I want to use the hfs server on this windows 2019 essential server, but when i try to use the standard HTTP port 80 hfs reports: This port is blocked possibly by you router/or firewall.
 I switched off windows defender completely. IIS (internet information Server) is NOT running, so it can't claim port 80).
I have forwarded port 80 to my server.  But HFS refuses to accept port 80.

I know for sure that my ISP is not blocking port 80, since port 80 can be used on the windows 2016 essentials server.

When i want to run the webpage shields up (a website that can check external TCP ports_   on this server it reports that all ports are blocked.

So it seems to be a windows problem ?
Is this a correct assumption ?

Bug reports / Re: user account login
« on: March 26, 2021, 06:23:32 AM »
Ah ok.  It's not that i have sensitive data, but i have this data on my own home Windows server.
I have a limited data usage per month. I just don't want everyone to "pull"data of my server.

So i want to restrict to known persons, friends etc.
So what i want is that every user (no matter who it is) HAS to login. So users may only see the home hfs page after they have logged in. Is this possible ?

Bug reports / user account login
« on: March 25, 2021, 07:37:34 PM »
Hello all.

I have a question about the user accounts. Or lack off

I use HFS 2,3. I forwarded port 8080 to my pc in my router. I don't have a domain name yet, but I can reach my HFS through my external wan ip address.
Everyone can see the "homepage"of HFS. So everyone sees the files and can download them.
I haven't even made a user account.
Is this normal behaviour from  HFS ? So why bother even making user accounts ?

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