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Demand for some macro supplementary

one switch ON/OFF   
{.server on.} and {.server off.}
{.server|on.} and {.server|off.}

to be using with a time event: 
  {.if|{.in range|22|%time%|24.}{.in range|00|%time%|08.}| {.server|off.} | {.server|on.} /if.}

In accompaniment of the macro 'disconnect', it would indeed be necessary have a macro 'busy' which prevents a person from logging by sending him a web page indicating to him that the server is at present occupied and with re-trying later


I know this quer you are going to answer me: use a section {.$busy }. But I do not want to use of sections because so it will be possible to use a button 'server as busy' in hfs to put the server in busy mode, and not inevitably in mode off.

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{.set ini|active=yes.}  (or "no")

about the "busy", it's not a bad idea, also if i never got a similar request.
i would like to get some opinions about it.