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HTML & templates / PHP frontend - Any suggestions?
« on: November 23, 2009, 06:24:23 AM »

I'm currently developing a small php script for HFS.

I started this small project because i hate to edit the HTML everytime i want to make a notice, or post a message. Therefor i'm gonna use PHP with MySQL (and maybe Apache Derby in the future).

I am working on the following features:
- News/Announcement system
- File announcement (a table with latest changes to the site content)

I've also made a install script (working partially) which reads the hfs.ini files and gets settings from the file (like IP address, Dynamic Host, Port) and puts it in the database.
I am planning on making a cron script to compare the ini settings with the settings stored in the database, so the frontend won't crash/mailfunction when the HFS settings is changed.

I've added a scheme off the database, showing the external relations.
These are used mainly for the file table, which looks up the filename, mediatype, container (file extension), language.

I don't have any ideas, so if you have any ideas, suggestions. Please post them :)

I will release the source whenever the codes are (1.) cleaned, (2.) stable and (3.) has more functions.

- You do need an external webserver (not compatible with HFS)
- You need a MySQL Server
- Currently no multi-language support
- Currently no template system

I'm off to bed now, shouldn't have pulled an all-nighter :P


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