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TY Naitlee! ;)

Thank you also :D
See it's "trial" release for Windows, it works "right out of the box":

It's a hard work till now and my Python version of HFS can work ;D
Now you can use it as a personal nas drive with your beloved raspberry pi (if you have) and template~

Here's it's repository:
Feel free to star it :D  or say this to geeks around you!

I've gone deeper at early time, and found that a vfs file is consisted of "chunks", for example, the char \x18 (DEC 24) marks a part of zlib compressed data.  ::)

Also in classesLib.pas, something named "tlv" manages to read vfs file, but it's a little complex...

I tried with python zlib module, by simply splitting the file content with b'\x18' and decompress the parts, also failed  :'(

In case the vfs is small, it is uncompressed. You can open that vfs file with Notepad++ (not plain notepad.exe), then edit it as a file, replace all "C:\" as "E:\", finally save it.

If it's bigger than 10kb, then it's compressed, and should decompress it with some methods before editing.

I've checked HFS source code, but cannot understand how vfs file "chunk" works, thus I have no idea to decompress a vfs file with external tool.
Maybe someone else can explain this to us... :D

Bug reports / Re: HFS2.3m reported as potential virus by antivirus
« on: May 28, 2021, 12:42:43 PM »
Some days ago there's also a report:

HFS is of course not a virus, since it's completely Free Software, anyone could check whether it's good or bad, rather than report blindly.

Most reason of this false positive is that, HFS is a server software and gives users "remote access", which is "sensitive" to "normal user" in their eyes.

Just put heart down :D

HTML & templates / Re: Im looking for a Template can you help?
« on: May 19, 2021, 04:56:24 AM »
You may try my Takeback template, it have many features including preview.
If default appearance not looks well, there are skin addons.
Still prefer rawr layout? I will make a skin if you really wanted :D

My mind says:
- About a "captive portal" thing, it can be achieved with your raspberry pi. Some articles on internet may help you set it up :)
- Many browsers have no native support for streams, also "true" streaming is not possible with HFS. However, here is a workaround:
  - make a back-end, split video files with ffmpeg, then stream with video.js (front-end) in browser. people here may help you do with this.
- You can download HFS document by rightclick page -> save as... in a document page in a browser. This will save one single page, be sure do this in all page you desired.

Also, I have some questions:
- What do it mean by "stream"? Since HFS is a file server, it's mission is serving files, you can serve video files with it, or even "stream" with .m3u8 files, but not true stream. Making it clear would let us have a direct solution :D
- What's your video's format? If they are in .flv or other weird format, convert them to .ogg (.ogv) or .mp4 first. otherwise it may not played directly in browsers.

P.S. few months ago I cooperate with my friend made a .m3u8 streamer thing with python without hfs. if you want a streamer too, just "request", I will do it in free time ;)

Bug reports / Re: Unable to archive/download all
« on: May 13, 2021, 02:44:53 PM »
In an operating system, when a file is opened and changing, other programs cannot see changes, or cannot even access it.
I've successfully reproduced this, with 10 files, only 4 in archive, and their contents are all \x00.
Maybe it's the file just got "immutable" when writing. (I'm not a low-level os expert)

So the solution is, keep the files closed when trying to access (archive) them.
You can try to close your file-writing applications, locally or remotely.
With HFS, you can do with macros. Be sure to keep secure.

P.S. What I've tried is following python code:
Code: [Select]
files = []
for i in range(10):
    files.append(open(str(i) + '.txt', 'w', encoding='utf-8'))
while True:
    for i in files:
It infinitely writes the file on the first byte (char) until Ctrl+C.

I'm just trying to implement a virtual file system (vfs) thing in Python, but cannot figure out the technique to do.
HFS source code is a bit long and I failed to discover the actual way.

Please, help me imagine a method to complete it :)
Any spoken thing is fine :D

HFS ~ HTTP File Server / Re: "username not found"
« on: May 11, 2021, 06:12:27 AM »
I've tried with RC7, seems the "set user/pass" doesn't work as expected.
So the only correct way is: Expert mode, Menu, Other options, User accounts. Set your accounts here,
then bind a folder's "Access" permission to your accounts.
Don't forget to right click folder>Reset user/pass first!

Many anti-virus vendors regard "non-professional" web servers (or what would act like a server) a virus.

You can see the "virus" code names, many say HFS is a malicious thing because it is HFS.  ::)

Do not be anxious. HFS is free (as in freedom) and open source software. Anyone can check it's source code and do real safe analytics.

So, never trust those proprietary vendors. The only thing they can do is to cheat people that uses free (libre) software.

Right click on your folder, select "Properties...", then go to "Diff template" tab, put in these:
Code: [Select]
(replace the ip to yours)

Push OK then it works ;)

I've tried, FFmpeg (Windows) can convert PSD to PNG or other formats, then can be used as thumbnails.
You may download it first, to use later.

FFmpeg for GNU/Linux

In my region I can't access your site. So I'm working on a minimize template that works with thumbnail generating with FFmpeg.

Edit: it's done. see attachment.

To use:
- Put ffmpeg.exe into folder of hfs.exe
- switch template to designers-joy.tpl
- go to http://localhost:port/~manager.html, input 1 in apikey, hit "generate thumbs" and wait for a while
- when below shows text, it's done. when you back to filelist, there are thumbs on filenames
- Edit the template file, change apikey and resolution(W) if you want ;)

Note: This template have no additional features like login or upload. For more help please ask :D

Tip: While using this tpl, only put a folder that contains picture files. FFmpeg will try to convert everything so be cautious

Programmers corner / Re: Halp! missed the target for the 404
« on: April 13, 2021, 09:15:17 AM »
macro string processing to hit target of 1 folder higher...

In takeback 0.3 preview:
Code: [Select]
            <a href="../">⇦ {.!Back.}</a>
            <a href="./">⇦ {.!Back.}</a>
if what not found is a dir, then go to parent-dir; if a file, then go to its dir.

Is this what we need?

compact lazyload script...

In takeback 0.2 I used your script, it works well
In new version I used native lazyload because I want to keep it simple

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