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2. the pictures are displayed. I thought it was good, and people wanted to download could do it by saving/right clicking, but if this is not clear enough it's not good. So, i should change the default behaviour for this.
the pictures are displayed - it's good, I like it. I just showed that this function works. Anyone who needs to download can do it with the right mouse button.
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Hey everyone,

I'm running v2.4 RC7 with the RC6 template.  Is it possible to make a link I created in a folder open in a new tab/window by default, without having to shift or ctrl+click it?  As it stands, it takes the HFS page to where the link points.


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Is it possible to make a link I created in a folder open in a new tab/window by default, without having to shift or ctrl+click it?
Hi Tim, sorry for my late reply.
It's easy, just do this...

1) Go to HFS, Virtual File System
2) Right-click on the Home/Root
3) Properties...
4) Diff template
5) Paste this text:

Code: [Select]
  $(this).attr('target', '_blank');

6) Click on 'Apply' and 'OK'.
This is only valid for HFS v2.4.0 RC6 (default template)

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. . . it just stops taking new connections, switching the server off and then on fixes it, i couldn't find why this happens and had to resort to run a script that checks 24x7 if hfs is not accepting downloads and kills it and runs it again.
Do you use the Watchcat2 script?;topic=12055.0;attach=9809

The stuck/off server is made worse by running limits (hfs menu > limits) that make HFS get more busy and stuck more often.
The Worst is Speed limit.  Instead of HFS speed limit, you could spend 3 dollars on a 100 megabit USB2 adapter, assign it a fixed address and assign HFS to the megabit>USB adapter's ip address.   If you were to accidentally get a gigabit adapter, (and therefore get stuck), just go to properties of the network adapter and manually set 100-half.  This also applies to single-thread versions of most web servers. 

Upload and download at the same time will probably get stuck If the connection speed is high. 
If I remember right, the Stripes template has Some defense against that (see [upload|public] section regarding .current downloads. ).  It can delay&recheck the upload page if there are downloads ongoing; however, the other-way-around is unavailable because there are no uploads metrics available from the file-list/downloads screen  (the only place with both metrics available simultaneously is the upload section); and therefore the defense against upload=stuck remains incomplete (because somebody could start a download while an upload is ongoing). 
Perhaps a more clever programmer could figure out complete lockout/tagout logic to thoroughly prevent simultaneous uploads+downloads?  The problem is not severe at 100megabit and lower speeds. 

Edit: HFS2.4 RC7 has 'archive-only-selected' for overload protection; however, earlier versions can try to download the entire server with just one click on the archive button.  Possible fixes include search and disable the recursive function. . . Or switch to the RC7 template (or throwback or stripes). 
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