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HTTP File server and Stunnel Menu/Limits/Bans dont works...

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I used the instruction namely item 7: "Launch HFS (version 2.1d at the time of writing) to listen on port 44300. On the menu / Limits / Barring ..., enter "\" without quotes and check the "Disable unanswered" check box to deny every IP address other than to block direct HTTP access to HFS from the "Host not Found "Message. Within the "friendly" network, you might consider adding, for example, "\ 192.168. *", To allow direct HTTP access to HFS from all computers on your network. " But it does not work. When I try to connect via HTTPS, it says: "You are not allowed." And if you go to HTTP, it says "Host not found".

P.S. Programm version 2.3k.299.
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when you use stunnel on the same computer of hfs, all connection trough stunnel to hfs in https are made with the ip, then it's not necessary to use the ban if you allow only connexion on this IP

check menu -> Accept connexion on > 

select for hfs an other port than 80, by example responding on 43080

if you have another computer or a tablet , you can verify that the direct access to hfs using  http://192.168.xx.xx:43080 fail where 192.168.xx.xx is the ip of your computer on local network
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Mars is from mars, he have always been, hardcore that dude, he knows where te water is  8)