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Hello, rejetto!  :) I have some question. Why doesn't work - {.load|set.txt|special:strings.} - simultaneously two or more such structures. And how to make upload the contents .txt's of all files from one folder to another place template, how it's done on example - {.load|.}

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hi, what you are trying is not valid.
Check the documentation to know how to use the {.load.} command

What was you trying to achieve? To change the value of the [special:strings] section by using the content of the file? If it's so, then i don't see such possibility currently. You can get something similar by loading the file to a variable
then instead of using
you will have to use
{.from table|T|text.}

If you find it to be too long, you can short it a little by using [special:alias]

If want to cycle overy files in a folder you will have to do something like this
{.for each|x|{.dir|C:\temp.}|{:
  we got {.^x.}