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Programmers corner / Re: Configure HFS Virtual File System by code
« on: January 17, 2024, 06:01:45 PM »
Thanks for your answer.  Scripting could be the way to go if there were a way to run a script from command line, which is not supported AFAK.  I think I would have to look for another solution. Its a shame, because this software is awesome.

Programmers corner / Configure HFS Virtual File System by code
« on: January 16, 2024, 06:41:14 PM »
I am thinking on including HFS with my software to allow users to download some app-related content without messing with IIS.  My normal installation contains an "Intranet" folder with an index.html and a Files folder inside of it.  The idea is to somehow configure HFS (via INI file) so when user starts HFS it automaticallly load the VFS according to the install location.

I tried replacing paths in a saved VFS files but it seems the file contains some CRC checksum to avoid anyone to mess with it.

Is there any way that I can manually create a VFS file with the correct paths ?


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