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NEW ERROR OF &RQ!!!!!!!!

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Please help!

Program &RQ don't work since 18.1.2007
Sending messages is OK, but recieving not!!
Is there some change about ICQ comunications since this date.
It is NOT local problem, but global!!
Me and many people (my friends) have the same problem since this date! :(
How is problem?

Is possible repair this problem?
Other ICQ programs work normaly, bud &RQ not :(
I like &RQ. Plese help.

Sorry for my english. I am Czech.

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&RQ is no longer developed.
you can try R&Q, developed by a russian team


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ne rbotaet dazhe staraya versia &RQ vzala i perestala rabotat


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My &rq started to work today after total reinstalling to!
I killed all previous file besides of UIN's all history directory.
So, now I'm sucessfuly own &rq again.



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beside I work, no problems in versions


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ALL WORK!  :) :)there is no problems with &RQ
programm R&Q doesn't work since 1.04.07, I can't send message!!! this is very bad mesager