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How can I graphics insert in a Templates?

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Hello all,

my name is Michael and I used now already for some time the
HFS. For the moment I use the version 1.6 rc3. It is the best HTTP
file server which I ever used. Large praise to the author.

I have however also a problem with the Templates. I would like to
provide gladly my own Template. Works also so far well. But if I in my
table cell background a graphic did not use wants white I which for a
variable I for it to take must or like one that at all makes that the
graphic in the Template is found. Can someone help me there?

I ask for understanding for my bad English, because I am a German

Best greetings

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i'm not sure i got the meaning of your post, but i guess it is well summarized in the  subject

if you want to put the file asd.gif in your template, you got to publish it somewhere on the web. you can publish it in your HFS as well.
it may be a good idea to create a folder (virtual or not) called images in your HFS tree and put your file(s) there.
then you can reference your image just with a normal tag
Code: [Select]
<img src='/images/asd.gif'>