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Hey Leo,
my DNS and IP Address are set to be obtained automatically from the beginning
I have tried to connect from another laptop to HFS server on my laptop throw the LAN and it worked fine but the problem is with any mobile trying to connect to my laptop
do you have any Idea what is going on, I'm losing my mind that to hard :(

hey Thx for your response again :)
I've tried Your solutions and made sure that is HFS.exe is Allowed on public and privet networks by the windows firewall
and I don't have Skype on my windows but to make sure I changed the port that HFS use from prot 80 to port 9000, unfortunately it did't work I Attached the message that I'm getting using my phone
the situation is so weird
even when Trying to use the python programming HTTP server I get the same message on my phone
I tried to connect my friend laptop to The LAN and I run HFS on his Laptop I also tried to connect to HFS from my mobile phone it worked fine so the problem is with my Laptop!
I really want to solve that problem because it is so annoying I have a lot of work delayed because of this problem
NOTE: I only want to use HFS on my LAN I don't want to use HFS throw the internet
I'll be waiting for your response   

and Thank you Leo for your help
hope you have a great time

Hi! :) Welcome to the forum...

Let me see if I understood your problem... ???
You have ONE mobile and TWO laptops, right? On one laptop running HFS, you can access HFS from your mobile just fine. On the other laptop running HFS, you can't access HFS (using the same mobile). Is this correct?...

We need more information to help you, please answer:
A) Those two laptops are using the same WiFi router?
B) What operating system are you running on both laptops?
C) When you can't access HFS from your mobile: are you connected via WiFi or using 3G/4G?
D) Have you tried accessing HFS from another external connection (for example, from the house of someone from your family, or some friend)

Without that information, we can't guess what's the problem you have (to suggest a possible solution).


hey Leo Thx for your response
I'm connecting to A lan throw my router wi-fi and this lan consists of my TWO laptops and my mobile  and I am using windows 10 operating system
I tried both 3g and 4g and I tried to connect locally and the message is the same 
I tried accessing the lap top from my other laptop but locally it just worked fine
I don't know if that help but I tried the python programming language built in http.server and the behavior was the same with HFS.exe
and I'm ready to give any further information

when I try to connect from my mobile to the hfs I get a message on the browser that says site is un reachable but when running hfs on another laptop I can connect just fine from my mobile without any problem
any idea what i should do ??

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