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I will recompile the sources, but have a wrong?about image..

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I will recompile this sources, but have a wrong?

sorry.. my English is not good. so please to forgive..
my work system

xp + delphi 7 + gifimaged7c for delphi 7
compile sources : http file server v.1.6


compile <---have a wrong

images have a wrong.
Who can tell me?...Where should be take notice? or to revise? thx^_^|||


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I Search delphi bug list~
it's a delphi 7 bug~

delphi 7 update list

* Menu items and images are sometimes drawn partially in black
  on Windows XP systems that have themes disabled (Quality Central

7.1 update can be fix this bug ^_^

Delphi 7.1 Update Release