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hi there,
i'm having problems with speed per connection with HFS
hes currently hosted on a professional server Intel Quad Core Q6600 with 4 gb ram
he has dedicated connection of 100 mb download/upload
i do not host many applications there, just sometimes test servers for different applications i run but they do not run all the time
so basically most of the time hes alone

i have problems with connection speed per peer or user
i did myself some tests and i wasn't able to reach my full speed downloading big size files, i got close to my max speed for few moments then speed drops then later on gets big again and so on

anyway with this HFS-Speed i get the best so far regarding speed per connection from all 3 HFS i tryed:
1) HFS 2.2 has the worst speed per connection...i tried to download from another server of mine which has 100 mb download/upload also and i should reach a speed of at least few mb/s but in reality i got a max of 100-150 kb/s
2) HFS build #279 has a better speed per connection/peer BUT still its lacking at that chapter ... i wasn't able to score at least 1 mb connection between 2 dedicated 100 mbs servers (i can get that speed using apache...but i don't want to use apache)
3) HFS-speed a bit better then build 279 but still lacking at chapter speed per connection

for some reason i wasn't able to get an speed higher then 600 kb/s and that for few seconds as it drop down

any ideas?

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welcome daddycaddy,

when you tested with apache, did you use a browser to download or a different kind of software?

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Well I've determined that my website's slowness is due to the very large VFS.

I did some testing in FHFS and everything is perfectly fast with a VFS of zero size.  Typically build time for a blank page (but there are macros in [request]) is either 0.000 or 0.013.

With a VFS of 1000 items build times can be up to 0.200 seconds or longer, which increases very quickly when there are people downloading files.  I haven't tested with a VFS bigger than 1000 items.