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  I compile the hfs2.3e's source code with Delphi 7, All the library are Configured, Include ICS v7 ,GIFimage ,delphi zlib v1.2.3 ,TRegExpr and fastMM v4

But I compiled the code ,there are some promblem is appended ,I can't resolved it ,Help ME!

[Error] traylib.pas(32): Undeclared identifier: 'NIIF_NONE'
[Error] traylib.pas(33): Undeclared identifier: 'NIIF_INFO'
[Error] traylib.pas(34): Undeclared identifier: 'NIIF_WARNING'
[Error] traylib.pas(35): Undeclared identifier: 'NIIF_ERROR'

the attachment is jpg ,show the detail error

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