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RAWR-Designs / Re: Help appreciated on JavaScript, RAWR player and more...
« on: December 18, 2008, 12:41:04 PM »
Thanx a lot for your replies!

Your suggestions look reasonable and in fact they are just plain logic, but...  :P

I spent a lot of time every day making my (crappy, I must admit) template. Ditching all my work and just grabbing yours is not something I find intellectualy filling  ;D

I did make the same directory structure  and modified the head of main and files sections. It works, but it doesn't play next file, next and previous controls don't work...

So close...

RAWR-Designs / Re: Help appreciated on JavaScript, RAWR player and more...
« on: December 16, 2008, 05:54:42 PM »
Nobody at all can put me on tracks with RAWR player?   :-\

RAWR-Designs / Help appreciated on JavaScript, RAWR player and more...
« on: December 15, 2008, 12:18:24 AM »
Hello everybody

I'm still working on the template for my own web server, and I got some issues I can't seem to resolve by myself. All help would be greatly appreciated  :)


Since I'm very new in this web making world, I gotta admit I'm a dirty little copy/paste monkey... Copy this, paste it there, repeat 100 times and you end up with a template that is 2 meters long... What I would like is to move all the javascripts I got between <head> and </head> into .js files inside a code directory in my web. As example, here is the Terayon search code I'm using (thanx RAWR team, you do an excellent work by the way!):

----start of code----

<script type="text/javascript">
function searchQuery() {
frm = document.searchForm;
if(frm.query.value.length < 3) {
alert("Please enter a search with 3 or more characters.");
} else {
frm.recursive.checked ? recursive ="&recursive" : recursive ="";
for(x=0; x<frm.choice.length; x++) {
  • .checked ==1) {

  • .value =="file") {

searchMode ="?files-filter=";
} else if(frm.choice
  • .value =="folder") {

searchMode ="?folders-filter=";
} else {
searchMode ="?filter=";
for(c=0; c<frm.root.length; c++) {
if(frm.root[c].checked ==1) {
frm.root[c].value =="current" ? searchFrom ="http://%host%%folder%": searchFrom = "http://%host%";
document.location.href = searchFrom+searchMode+"*"+frm.query.value+"*"+recursive+filter;

----end of code----

I'd like this in a .js file. How should I change this in the <body> section for it to work?

----start of code----

  <form name="searchForm" method="get"
action="javascript:search()" id="searchForm">
  <p align="center">
    <input name="query" type="text" class="field" value="" size="25" />
    <input class="button"
type="submit" name="searchBtn" value="Search" /></p>
  <p align="center"><input type="radio" name="choice"
value="file" /> File(s) <input type="radio" name=
"choice" value="folder" /> Folder(s) <input name=
"choice" type="radio" value="both" checked=
"checked" /> Both <input name="recursive" type=
"checkbox" value="" checked="checked" />
    Recursive<br />
  <input name="root" type="radio" value="root" checked=
"checked" /> From Root Directory <input name="root"
type="radio" value="current" /> From Current

----end of code----

More JavaScript related suff:

I'm trying to have a toggle button on my web that would hide/show a div. It works ok, but sure enough it forgets the setting (hidden or visible) when it loads a page. I've seen tons of boggus code involving cookies to remember the state of a div, each one more weird than the other... Could anyone point me on the right direction?

RAWR player:

Here I must admit my utter failure to integrate this cool player from RAWR in my template. This is head-asploding for me, I simply have no clue at all as to how to make the player work!! I'd like it to work in the same way as in the RAWR templates, with a preview link that would pop the player up and start playing the file...

Those are the 3 last things that keep me from completing my page. It would be great if some experienced user familiar with those issues could lend me a hand with this... Attached you'll find the stuff I've done so far. I'm using HFS 2.3 beta 217.

Posted on: December 14, 2008, 07:23:42 AM
1) move javascript to js files = help!
2) remember state of div when reloading/changing directory/whatever = solved!
3) Integrating RAWR player in a template = mass help needed!

It turns out that toggling a div on/off and remembering its state on page reload or when browsing directories is giving many people a hard time.

Here is a link for those trying to achieve this goal:

I still am in desperate need of your help for issue 2... RAWR player integration would be specially nice, I've been trying to achive it for well past a month now...

HTML & templates / Re: %style% problems in custom template
« on: November 11, 2008, 03:58:22 PM »
Hello again

Once again I exhausted all my resources on trying to do simple stuff. I'm turning to you guys for your help once again...

What I'd like to do:

- have a web page on top of HFS (2.3 214) with a bunch or folders (real ones, root is not bound to a folder).
- have a custom template for root (first page to show when somebody enters the web), another one for a folder called Software and a third one for a folder called Media.

4 things change between those templates: background color, font color, colors for %vars% (like %loggin-link% and %loggedin%), and a banner on top of the web.

Results so far:

- When I write down the templates in the Diff template tab for each folders I want to customize, the banner changes when I change folder but colors don't.

- When I put a hfs.diff.tpl file in each of the real folders I get the same result as above.

- When I use macros colors change alright, but the banner doesn't change at all. It always shows the banner for root.

- When I don't give any of the 4 parameters (e.g. leave them blank) I want to change to the hfs.diff.tpl or the diff template for root, everything works just fine, but of course the first page to show in browser has no colors/banner...


- Is there something special about root that makes it impossible to change with diff template or hfs.diff.tpl?

- Why do macros work for backgrounds/color but not for an image?

- I would like to get back to root when I click on the banner. I did read something about macros not working with links Has this any impact on what I'm trying to do or I am on the wrong track?

- Is there any workaround for this? Maybe an index.html doc? If so, how can I link the Index doc to the rest of my page?

Sorry for my rather long post and verbosity and thanx for your help with this. Attached is my template if anybody cares to spend time looking into this matter.

HTML & templates / Re: %style% problems in custom template
« on: November 10, 2008, 03:21:22 PM »
Thanx for your help Rejetto, I always wondered what were these weird {.$whatever.}  :D

I'll give it a try once I finish cleaning my template up... I never thaught it could take so much time...

Oh another thing I've been battling with for days:

I did put go up and go down links, and I want them to diappear when there are not many files in a folder. I'm using this java script but it works rather erratically:

</script><script type="text/javascript">
  if ("%number-folders%"+"%number-files%"+"%number%" > "10") {
  document.getElementById('gotobottom').innerHTML = "";
  document.getElementById('gototop').innerHTML = "";

I tried some combinations with vars, some working better than others, but still no cigar. Any way I can do that on any folder?

HTML & templates / %style% problems in custom template
« on: November 09, 2008, 07:12:42 PM »
Hello everybody

First I'd like to thank everybody involved with HFS.

I am trying to make my own template for my tiny space on the web. I'm using HFS 2.3 212.

I have 3 sections on my web, 1 general, 1 for software and 1 for media. I want each one to have a different look, eg. section 1 blue, section 2 red and section 3 green, with links and some text changing color as well. I did protect the root of my site with an admin password. My problem is that each time I log in the web some text is not changing color as expected. The %loggedin% var keeps blue in all sections.

Also, I noticed the %style% var in the template isn't working. When I take a look at the source code of the page in my browser, everything looks ok, but there aren't any %style% vars. Just an empty line. I have to insert styles inside both main and [error-page] sections.

I'll attach my templates for anybody kind enough to help me out with those issues.

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