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HTML & templates / Re: %20 in files list
« on: April 02, 2007, 06:54:47 PM »
Giant Eagle,
Thanks !!!  That is exactly what I wanted.....   REASON:  Most of my files in the directory have spaces in the filenames....   i.e.   Music Artist - This Great Song.mp3   .......   Using the default method when a user clicks on the file list link, here is what they get...   
Music%20Artist%20-%20This%20Great%20Song.mp3   .....  Makes it a bit difficult to read.....  Used your filelist.tpl and now it serves it right out with no %20, but instead a space in the right place....   I will try to get a little better grasp of the command structure....   Thanks a bunch for your help....
Best Regards,
Mitch Savage

P.S.  One of my users wanted a file list of all the mp3's without having to search through all of the artist directories....

HTML & templates / %20 in files list
« on: April 02, 2007, 02:55:27 PM »
Hello All....
New to HFS, but am thoroughly enjoying using it....  Performs GREAT !!!  Many thanks to the author of this great program....  Somewhere I missed something.....   I have about 8,000 MP3's on my server....  HFS does in fact show them all correctly in the folder view when a user is logged onto HFS.  However; when the file list is clicked by the user, %20 is substituted for spaces in the file names....  That is the only thing with HFS that I have not been able to fix.....  I am using HFS version 2.1d build 088.... Any help or pointers anyone can provide on this would be much appreciated>>>>
Best Regards,
Mitch Savage

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