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adding your banner in HFS

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Hello friends!

I want to add a banner on the top of each page.

I have used this command for linking the image

<img src="Advertise.gif"width="728" height="90"title="asdasd">
It is easy

But the problem arrises when i swich the pages
there are many folders in my server and for each folder i have to add that particular header file in each and every folder in all of the root folders where our real/virtual data is.

It is difficult for me to keep on adding that file on every folder in order to get it displayed

Is there any way else, like to save your images once on the root of HFS list and then somehow restrict the HFS to use that images in every page

Please kindly tell me the solution

Regards Talis
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Put your gif at root and hide it,

insert a / before the name as follow

<img src="/Advertise.gif" width="728" height="90" title="asdasd">

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Thanks dude! it really worked. You can't measure how happy am i. I have been looking for hep on this for long time.  :)

I really appretiate it.

Thanks ALOT! :)