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RAWR-Designs / Looking for updated version of Terayon template
« on: April 20, 2022, 12:23:35 AM »

I'm looking for updated/more recent version of RAWR's Terayon template. I and my colleagues are using HFS 2.3m on several small servers. We've tested all new templates posted on the first forum page, but we still like Terayon the most. Is there a version with recent updates that includes gallery for pictures/preview, audio player for mp3, ape, flac and etc. that does not use flash, maybe optional posters/info/preview for the uploaded files in one folder (if uploaded content is movies - like in some torrent sites), easy change of theme colors for users, maybe chat room and search engine with more advanced search? Is there updated version of this template? Do someone made fork of it?

Although we like Terayon, other more modern and rich-full template suggestions are also welcome (Throwback and Takeback are tested, but we don't like their design).

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