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Help needed to make it reachable from outside world!!!

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I would like to connect to hfs that is in my network from outside.

From many forums, I am aware of the fact that it does work within the network, but in order to make it work outside of the network, i need to port forward it or use pagekite.

I have ran into some questions here.
If I select "find external ip",   does it use external ip to connect or does it just use it to fix ip address? In other words, can i connect from outside if i select this option??

Furthermore, I would like to use hfs on multiple computers in my network. But the problem is that even if the above method works, they all have the same external ip address. And it does not work if multiple computers are running on same ip. In that case, can i just assign each computer different ports to work???

I also tried to use pagekite. But it uses external ip, therefore seemingly running into the same problem(that multiple computers cannot use the same ip to connect to hfs)or would it not matter?

is there another way to make it reachable from outside of network????

Please HELP ME!!!

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Find external IP only tells you what your external address is presently.
You will need a static IP or a Dyns or No-Ip.
You will need to assign each computer a lan address in the operating
system, then forward a different port in the router to each address.
Each computer's HFS will need to be assigned the port for that computer.
Your external address to connect would be similar to http://12.34.567.123:7412
only changing the :port for the computer you need to connect to.
Turn off firewalls temporarily while testing.

There should be many post's on this forum on this.

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what makes it work "from the outside" is the router configuration.
you can even do nothing on your HFS, and it will work.
functions like "find external ip" are just facilities.

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if u want simple ways to connect hfs to outside then... (for testing)
configure your router
enable DMZ to your computer ip (this will open up all outside connection into your computer, only works for one pc)

multiple hfs on network, one eksternal ip?
u can do it if u put different port
hfs on pc1 port 12345 : port forward all connection-to-port 12345 into pc1-IP
hfs on pc2 port 23456 : port forward all-connection-to-port 23456 into pc2-IP

from eksternal u can access your hfs by

don't use commen port, some isp might block the port.