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%login-link% how to use in my html pages

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i was wondering how can i make
the %login-link% or any other %% thing
to work inside one of mine html pages

does it work only inside tamplates ?
how can i make a custom login html
page out side of the template

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i dont know, but I Guess you have to write your site in PHP, and probably u have to do more to it also.

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Writing it in PHP wouldn't help you much, because HFS not yet supports PHP (but CGI is on to-do list).

HFS offers no way to change HTML pages.


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i see...
well i will have to settle for that for
now :)

ps;Rejetto pls
could you put "to make %vars% work out side of the template as well "
on the to do list ?

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...are you asking for HFS to parse html files?
hmm.... i guess it will have to do it before or later, for SSI support