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How to exclude some file/extension from search

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Hi all, im looking for a way to exclude some file/extension from being searched but i cant found it. Is anybody know how to do that? Thanks alot :D

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when you put partial file name in the search box, hfs parses and completes it by adding * at the beginning and end to not have a strict match

do not use quotes in search field with following examples
search for names with "music", hfs converts it to "*music*" and give a list with all file contening "music"

to search for files beginning with music, simply enter "music*"
to search for files ending with music, simply enter "*music"

we can therefore want files with a specific extension like "*.wav" or various extensions by separating them with a semicolon as "*.wav;*.mpeg4"

to exclude files, just create a filter starting with "\"
 "\*.wav;*.mpeg4"   will display all files except those with the extension .wav or .mpeg4

look at the wiki link