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Version 2.0 Beta - Build 4 Release & Download

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Post bugs/problems specific to this build here.

Build 4 is directly compatible with builds 2 and 3, and can be upgraded directly, without special instructions.
To upgrade from build 2, download the 'b2 to b4' package.  For build 3, download the 'b3 to b4' package.
To upgrade from build 1, first upgrade to build 2 following the special instructions, then upgrade again with the b2 to b4 package.

Build 4 Changes:

New:    Downloads for any user exceeding the storage quota at all will be refused. (, user template.js)
New:    New global variable ^url-user added that specifies the username in the url, e.g. /.username/ (, access-authentication.tpl, user template.tpl)
New:    Added maxlengths to some newaccount inputs just to tidy up things (newaccount.tpl, ajax.submission.tpl)
New:    Admin console outgoing email section now specifically says as a hint that outgoing ports are almost always 25, 465, or 587 (admin.main.tpl)
New:    The account size input now specifically says that it doesn't apply to FTP (admin.main.tpl)
New:    ^br function can now take $1 to specify the number of breaks as %0D (functions.tpl)
New:    New button in the admin console to restart the server, mostly for refreshing IPs (admin.main.tpl, admin.javascript.js.tpl, admin.ajaxfunctions.tpl)
New:    New global javascript function whiteout('text') erases all body content with an 'expired notice', implemented in some places (global.js, admin.javascript.js.tpl)
New/Fix: If localIP fails to load in serverstart it will try to install visual c++ 2008 for php then give finding the IP another shot (serverstart.tpl)
Fix:    When saving feature settings, a harmless bug could occur where FHFS said Filezilla was unable to start though it was already running. (admin.ajaxfunctions.tpl)
Fix:    Fixed a major bug where thumbnail generation would fail entirely if a non-standard content directory was set. (generatethumbs.tpl, encodethumb.php)
Improve: When being redirected to ~validation, it now only redirects if your VID cookie actually exists and in ajax.signin only if you're trying to sign on as that user (newaccount.tpl, ajax.signin.tpl)
Improve: Small formatting change to the list of server ports in the user template, plus it now only shows the FTP ports if FTP is actually enabled. (user template.tpl)
Improve: user-file.tpl and user-folder.tpl no longer waste time getting executed for the choose public private page (user-file.tpl and user-folder.tpl)
Improve: Changed some code in deny.tpl and added ?3 for quota limitations (deny.tpl)
Improve: Some changes/simplification of the user template authentication (user template.tpl, choose public private.tpl, access-authentication.tpl)
Change:    Cookie 'validationID' is now 'VID' (newaccount.tpl, ajax.signin.tpl, ajax.validate.tpl, ajax.submission.tpl)
Change:    Reduced max number of files to upload at once from 1000 to 200 since loading pages becomes very slow with that many files. (uploader.js)
Change:    Minor formatting changes in access-authentication.tpl (access-authentication.tpl)
Change:    Some formatting changes to the tool buttons in the admin console (admin.main.tpl)
Change:    Removed the useless and potentially dangerous button to delete all sent emails (admin.main.tpl, admin.javascript.js.tpl, admin.ajaxfunctions.tpl)