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Version 2.0 Beta - Build 2 Release & Download

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Post bugs/problems specific to this build here.

Note that this build is not directly compatible with build 1, so see the instructions written on the download page when upgrading.

Build 2 Changes:

New:  When starting the server, if you aren't installed to the right folder, start.vbs will specifically let you know instead of showing just a random looking error. (start.vbs)
New:  New admin console buttons to stop and reinstall stunnel/filezilla services (admin.ajaxfunctions.tpl, admin.main.tpl, admin.javascript.tpl)
New:  Admin console user table now uses pages of 10 accounts to fix where having over ~150 accounts load could crash/overload the server. (admin.usertable.tpl, admin.main.tpl, admin.javascript.tpl)
New:  User accounts without any downloads or that haven't been logged on are shown with their name colored gray in the admin console (admin.usertable.tpl)
New:  A user's last file download date is now shown in the tooltip over their name in the admin console (admin.usertable.tpl)
New:  When a user's file is downloaded, the time is logged to their notes - meant for measuring inactivity (
New:  Pre-existing stunnel/filezilla services are deleted before FHFS re-installs them (ajax.installer.tpl)
New:  When filezilla/stunnel are called to start, ^alert is called to tell you if start fails (functions.tpl)
New:  Added an alert function to launch alert.vbs and show a windows popup box with message (functions.tpl)
Fix:    Pre.dat was incorrect for build one, read as pre-alpha, now reads beta build 2 (pre.dat)
Improve: Changed some text on the contact page to be more explanatory. (contact.tpl)
Improve: The PHP and Macro textareas on the admin page can now be resized for easier code writing (admin.main.tpl)
Improve: Entering ?noaccounts on the admin page will now also prevent the auto refresh (admin.main.tpl)
Improve: Many ajax account functions would still refresh account table on finish even with ?norefresh (admin.javascript.js.tpl)
Improve: Stopping Stunnel/FZ is now done in AND stop.bat in case HFS crashes and doesn't run the event (stop.bat)
Improve: Other improvements to stop.bat, such as telling you now what's happening and when it's finished (stop.bat)
Improve: two very very minor user template formatting changes - sometimes there was an unnecessary white space in the directory fieldset (user template.tpl)
Improve: The hashcalc return prompt now has a max height of 485px to prevent it from running off the bottom of the screen potentially hiding results (ajax.hashcalc.tpl)
Change:  Changed the name of the filezilla service to prevent conflicts. (stop.bat,, functions.tpl, ajax.installer.tpl, ftpdata-settings.xml)
Change:  Removed the restart button from the launcher because it had issues and would often crash HFS. (FHFS_Launcher.exe)
Change:  Admin Console user table refresh frequency changed from 5 minutes to 2 minutes since there is now overload protection via pages (admin.main.tpl)
Change:  ?invalidcookies changed to ?autherr ( and main page html.tpl)

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