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RAWR-Designs / Thunderchicken of Glory with delete function
« on: December 10, 2008, 10:19:38 PM »

at first i would like to say thanks to rejetto for his wonderful tool and RAWR for their templates!

i use the tog template and i have modified it. see changes below.
the delete function is translated in english and german. other languages are in english.
feel free to use it.

+added: variable "servername" at [special:strings] to use in headline instead of "host"
+added: delete function
-fixed: Updater work now
-fixed: structure now in folder template/tog
-fixed: now it ist equal if use http:// or https://

-fixed: some esthetic in template
-fixed: delete function translated in all languages

Simply drag and drop this over your template installation to install the delete function compatible with this build of the template.

To get the original template please download it using this link:

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