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plz help me with some code

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Hi,In hfs beta2.3 version.Go to "open in browser" and view page source.
The part i need to implement is :
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<div style="" id="pages">Page <span class="selectedPage">1</span> <span>2</span> <span>3</span><button>No pages</button></div>

In short how can I arrange my div ids in paged(page 1,page2 etc)manner.
So that I could just add some line of JS code on very first of html page.And all element will arrange in a manner.

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sorry for the late reply.
i guess we are talking about the default template.
that html is not in the source, it's dynamicall generated.
If you want to style it, i'm already doing it in the style section

#pages span { padding-left:0.5em; padding-right:0.5em; cursor:pointer; }

you see, it's all DIV "pages" and every page is a SPAN.
you probably don't need javascript to arrange them, but just css.