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hi guys,
I have a problem.I have some family video collection of about 50GB.I want to share with my brother's PC.But problem is,his HDD is almost full.So I thought of streaming idea.As he cannot download because of hdd storage problem.

My idea is:
" i will use HFS and give him my address,there i will share videos.He will go to address of my hfs site.When he clik any file item that is video,instead of downloading,he will watch,sick any position of video etc.It is like direct accessing(without download)your content through a web-browser.As it is family item,i cannot share it via windows by default "file n printer sharing"(others can enter it).
I want it through web-browser."

Any idea,how this can be done? ??? ???

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Search the forum. It has been discussed at some length.
It is done with template, either by modifying the one you
have or downloading one that will stream.

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...or, the browser may be set up so to play the videos by itself.
this may require configuration and/or a plugin installed, and varies with file formats.
i can't say anything more specifically because i never did it, i just know it's possible, and if it's just a matter of a single computer, it may be ok to configure it instead of the server. It's up to you.