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Accessing password protected files from mobile device

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Before I begin Id like to mention, HFS is amazing and works great. I came across HFS through a youtube video of a kid I presume demonstrating the basics, to get HFS up and running.
I didnt think much but thought Id give it a try and WOW am I ever impressed with the user capabilities and download speeds.
Anyway, I came accross an issue, Im hoping im not the only one...

When I try Access a password protected folder or file from my phone I am immediatley told i am "Not Authorized" where as if i were to do this on a computer from work for example, I am prompted to enter credentials.

I have tried this on 3 diferrent kinds of phones 2 different service providers

Samsung Galaxy (Bell)
Samsung Galaxy S3 (Rogers)
Iphone (Bell)

I assume a phone app would need to be created for this to function, please help  :)

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hi, i tried with my galaxy nexus,
tried both the stock browser and chrome
tried both "set user/pass" and restriction by account.
By clicking on a protected resource (i tried a PDF file) i'm always prompted, not just the message.
Don't know what's wrong on your side.