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OK, I'll upload the tpl files later. Thanks!
i noticed you cannot attach TPL files.
now you can.

F.A.Q.s / Chinese version (2.2)
« on: January 23, 2007, 07:07:26 AM »
sorry, this software hasn't simpilfied chinese and trdational chinese language to download. But, i have done the traditional chinese template ( and posted it. i will do a simpilfied chinese template later.


Hi, I'm PCYC. I have translate the template to traditional chinese and I have upload this file to this topic. Everyone can download at down below.
(Supplement: I'm a form 1 student in Hong Kong, This topic may have some problems or wrong words, please pardon.  :P ;D)

* please unzip this zip files to import this template

Traditional Chinses Version's content:

您好,我是PCYC。我之前把範本檔翻譯了,而且我也把它上載了。而這個範本使用 HFS v2.01c (build071) 的範本檔來翻譯。各位可以在此下載。

* 請先解壓後才匯入此範本檔

{hfs201d_tp_zh_tw.tpl} is hfs 2.01c's traditional template

[attachment deleted by admin]

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