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Hello folks!
I been running HFS for some time.
But i haven´t looked into the templates thing before yesterday.
I tested most of them i think, but soon discovered that the nicest was Thunderchicken of Glory.
(Where did you come up with that name? cool though and hmm different :)

It runs fine, but i do have some issues.

1. Top of my page says " {{section|search}}"  seems wrong to me?
2. The Quicklinks after a folder says "Open Folder%item-archive%" shouldn´t that be "Open download" or something?
3. Clicking search , just ends up with error on page and nothing else?

If some one could help out, i would be very grateful!

Thanx moski

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May be you are running a regular 'stable' version of hfs. To get to work the new macro features {{Section...  }} you should upgrade to the newer builds (actually #160).

Check:  menu -> Updates -> offer me to update from stable versions ....

Update and {{ ... }} will work correctly.
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U might be right !
I run the #150 version!
And had the "update stable rather than unstable versions" checked .
But now i can´t find any other versions than #150 to download *blush*

Found it !
And it fixed all the problems !

Thanx alot bacter  :D

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