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Windows Login Prompt?

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I've installed Hamachi and HFS and a few friends of mine have installed the combo as well.  The only problem is I can see their files but they can't see mine!

Everytime I enter my Hamachi IP address, I am prompted with a Windows Login box, which requests a Username and Password.  I've tried username and password combos and none work.

All of my firewalls are turned off, by the way.

Anyone have this issue or know what is causing this?  I can't even view my own files through http!  :?

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this login is not of the hamachi itself or from hfs, By default, the Simple File Sharing UI is turned on in Windows XP you have to turn it off....

Disable Simple File Sharing

Disabling Simple File Sharing is necessary in order to enable the creation of Access Control Lists for shared disks and folders:

   1. Click Start | My Computer | Tools | Folder Options | View.
   2. Scroll to the bottom of the list of advanced settings and un-check Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended).
   3. Click OK.

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I would like to mention that Simple file sharing can not be disabled at all in Windows XP Home.

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Ledufe, I already had that box unchecked and just double-checked to see if I missed that setting but it was right.

I am still getting asked to enter a username and password.  This thing hates me. :(


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Also, I've installed this on my Home Computer with no problems, the same way I installed it on the computer that I am having trouble with. :shrugs:


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Guest 2006,
 Is the computer your having the problem with on
some sort of a large network ?


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Sure isn't.  I have a linksys router giving out three IP's at my home.  Pretty basic setup!

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i don't know if that file-sharing thing works with http as well.
if it does not, you just need to specify http://