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How to Reduce HFS Traffic Priority over Internet Data Priority

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i have been using HFS (on windows xp) and internet sharing (using squid on another system having linux) for my LAN. if some LAN user starts download from HFS with no restrictions applied, almost full network capacity is taken by HFS data transfer and Internet Traffic in whole LAN is slowed down. I have to limit HFS to 5000KB or lower in order to keep my internet traffic peaks OK, in normal conditions internet traffic needs just 25/30 mbps (out of 100 mbps total), but HFS even slow downs it. But when peak internet traffic reaches aroung 40/45 mbps then LAN is hanged if HFS is active without limit ( i have to limit HFS around 5000KBps).
is there any feature which can reduce HFS data priority over internet packets in the LAN. i dont want to set limit on HFS, i.e. if network is free then HFS should run at max possible but when network is full of internet traffic, HFS should find only free slots. if currently this feature is not present plz add in new versions

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there's no way i know to do this inside HFS.
Do you know other softwares doing it?

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This is normaly due to how you setup "squid"
AS it is acting as your "router"

Setup static routes on the linux box...

also, to help you more ont he hfs side, you might need to setup "bans", ie conection time out...

Menu > Limits > Max conections
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