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How ban a hole country to download files

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How ban a hole country to download files  with use HFS ~ HTTP File Server
I have a google bot and crawl ip
what  i need to now how to ban a hole country by ip
for example that ip
from usa can i ban 66.249 so that is no way download or see server join server
this way or what is possible rateher annyong have that ip download 24/7 everyting new uploads

Hostname: it really download all files if it is google i not like goggle now that adress chance ports every secons so fast i ban it is there agin with another adress

that user hade download 20 TB self since i start up server
im out of ideas how stop this

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you can ban 66.249.*
but that's not "a country".
And by default there's a "stop spiders" enabled (in menu > limits) that should stop google and others.

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If you want to ban and block a whole country, the best way to achieve this is using PeerBlock. The program is open source, and you can add a list of the country you want to ban.

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Lists of IP Ranges by Country:
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