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How do I measure download speed, without measuring page speed?

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we we talk about true networking.

You testing the response form hfs via the lan and how fast it loads and responds to data in and out.

Atm chrome web console will sow in mill seconds the response and speed time.
BUT the actual network connection time would need to be monitored by a packet group
IE nmap or wireshark

the problem:
network adapter driver setting and registry can affect  network speed, access , and data limits to and from adapters

becasue windwows mess with theses constanly, windowws has a built in base version:

but in regards to windows that is true...

to test hfs you would need to see them all and test it on you hardware

so i lan  to lan connection speed test with wireshark sniff.
and subtract the # generated form windows claimed that is you degradation to hfs.


but know using :)

you could use html 5 built in html code to run a speed test (some html code dowlading and sharing)

it looks like you were trying to hfs macro code a limit test to log something similar.

back in my first forum days, i was an ISP service provider ( i have tested hfs on a variety of machine and on gigabit fiber backbone 10 gb up down connection with out issues. ) i have found that the limitation and issue occur not from hfs but the hardware from witch it runs.

and with the variety of machine i have found discrepancy with the hardware and drivers, because windows manipulates the network adapted.

Wish you the best of luck.
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But, I wanted to measure only files downloading speed (not including html).  Is there a way to do that? 

hfs is not offering that