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I dont know if it is normal, but the file template/style.css begins with stranges characters :
body {

It's UTF-8 identifier (so called BOM).

For everyone else asking why this doesn't work. Well, it specifically designed for browsers based on WebKit engine (Safary, Chrome). Hence it works only on iPhone and Adnroid smartphones. Don't expect it to work in Mini Opera, Windows Mobile etc.

I personally find this template pretty exciting, but it has to be adapted to CSS3.

And for questions about choosing template. I would propose different solution. Every modern browser support choosing CSS stylesheet according to attribute "media" in <link /> tag.

For example the following code will work just fine, desktop browser will automatically choose "normal.css", but phone browser will use "mobile.css"
Code: [Select]
<link href="/template/normal.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" />
<link href="/template/mobile.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="handheld" />
This will work even with old phones. Even my ancient Sony Ericsson works with it :)
Now it's question of layouting desktop version correctly by CSS. Which is not a big deal ;)


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Nice template and i am really love this template on my iphone. But i can't seem to be able to login and therefore i can't access folders that are locked i would really appreciate it if you could upload a new folder with the authpopup working.
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je ne connais pas bien ce template mais essaie simplement de renommer le style.css en autre chose pour qu'il ne soit pas chargé

tu devrais au moins obtenir un affichage quelconque en principe

la tradoc en francais ici;topic=7766.0;attach=4703

je viens de charger les fichiers avec la build 260, le template passe parfaitement sur le navigateur IE, il n'y a pas de  conflits d'affichage

When you start the second HFS will come out a lot of errors in the settings that can be set to run multiple HFS still produces a lot of errors. Tell me how to run two on one computer?

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Thank you really gr8 theme I LoVe IT XD

umm but there is small problem there is no button for upload !!

could please add it

thank you in advance