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Opening icon in VFS

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I tryed open favicon.ico but HFS not open icon and show this error,
and stay work unstable (shows error again)...
(to open *.ico i'm use Microangelo6 by default)

Access violation at address 09400894. Read of address 09400894
HFS 2.2a
Product Versions

hfs.exe: Build: 0 16.09.2007 21:17:24
hfs_low.exe:3.2.0 Build: 1 02.05.2007 17:27:08
And of course i'm sorry for my English :)

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i noticed i can never do anything with error messages reporting twice the same address, both for "access violation" and "read of address". :-\

anyway, icons supported is not very good. you can try changing resolution and bitdepth of your icon file.